5 Best Purchases in the 2018-19 Premier League Season

The Premier League 2018-19 season has entered the 12th week. Manchester City still leads the standings with a status of untouchable defeat.

In the 12 weeks that have gone so far, many clubs have complained that their spending in the summer transfer market did not go smoothly. The players brought in can not immediately become a mainstay.

However, there are also many clubs that immediately feel the impact of buying players they do on the summer transfer market. Even among the clubs it can be said to make smart purchases. We here have a list of the five best purchases from Premier League clubs in the transfer market last summer.

James Maddison (Leicester City)
Leicester City has made a bold move by bringing Maddison from the Championship Division club for 20 million pounds last summer. Interestingly, The Foxes also did not hesitate to give Maddison, who was only 21 years old, a sacred back number, 10.

So far a variety of bold decisions from Leicester City have had sweet fruit. Maddison is able to look slick and consistent as a playmaker. In fact, Maddison also had the chance to feel called to the squad of the senior England national team.

David Brooks (Bournemouth)
Bournemouth is known as one of the most economical teams in the spending of players in the Premier League in recent seasons. It was also seen last summer. One purchase of The Cherries which is quite expensive is David Brooks for 11 million pounds.

However, this 21-year-old player immediately showed his potential. Often playing in the attacking or second strikec midfield position, Brooks has been able to score three goals in the Premier League this season.

Richarlison (Everton)
Richarlison became one of the shiny young players in the Premier League last season. That is what makes Everton willing to spend 40 million pounds (potentially becoming 50 million) to be able to bring the young man from Brazil to Goodison Park in the transfer market last summer.

So far the Toffees gambling on Richarlison’s figure began to bear fruit. A total of six goals can be printed by the 21-year-old player from just 10 matches in the Premier League. If you can continue to increase the level of play, Everton will probably benefit a lot when releasing Richarlison to a bigger club in the future.

Rui Patricio (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
The main goalkeeper of the Portuguese national team initially came to Molineux Stadium with the status of free transfer. However, after a match between Wolves and Sporting Lisbon, this transfer was ultimately worth 16 million pounds.

The price is actually still quite cheap if you see how Patricio played in the Premier League this season. With the preservation of rescue to 76 percent and conceding only 13 times (best four in the Premier League), Wolves are very fortunate to have Patricio.

Lucas Torreira (Arsenal)
Arsenal have long missed the form of a tough defensive midfielder like Patrick Vieira or Gilberto Silva. Then, Lucas Torreira came from Sampdoria at a cost of 30 million pounds

Although petite (168 cm), Torreira is able to duel with the opposing players. In addition to being capable of tackling and intercepting, this Uruguayan player also has a successful bait percentage which reaches more than 80 percent. With only 22 years of age, Torreira still has plenty of time to continue to grow.